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Each year volunteers from a variety of dental practices including Devon Dental Centre of Excellence, Riverview Dental Totnes, Quality Dental Care, Plymouth Dental Centre of Excellence, Harwood Dental Practice Tavistock, go on missions to provide acute dental care and oral health education to disadvantaged rural communities across Africa.

Teams stay in locally provided accommodation and work in partnership with local communities and organisations. After working intensively teams relax by visiting local game parks and other attractions. Team members raise funds to cover all their costs incurred during their mission including flights and accommodation.

Fundraising is necessary to cover the cost of essential equipment so that all charitable donations go towards setting up dental clinics and providing much needed treatment.

Dr Laskowska says “ My sole aim is to make a difference to the lives of the Kenyan people I see. I get an enormous sense of satisfaction to be able to use my skills to help people who would otherwise have no access to dental treatment of any kind. “

Kenya: SmileStar works in partnership with Safari Collection as part of their social responsibility activity. To date SmileStar has helped 3,000 patients in Kisumu town, Mweiga near Mt Kenya, Nyeri and Western Conservancy Samburu, and set up mobile clinics

Tanzania: Smilestar has helped 500 patients in Mufindi

Uganda: SmileStar has helped over 1,000 patients in Busu Iganga

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