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 The charity’s founder is Dr Mitesh Badiani, Principal to several dental practices largely in the South West. Dr Badiani is passionate about helping people unable to have access to even basic dental care. All practices operating within the Smile Excellence company provide pro-bono treatment to one disadvantaged person in their community per annum. As well as Clinical Director of several practices, he is also a lecturer with the University of Warwick and is known for his clinical skills in complex implantology. His vision is to extend dental treatment to as many people as possible, particularly in remote communities where there has never been even basic dental care available.

SmileStar is a volunteer based charity with team members being self funded to include airfares, living expenses and any recreational activities. Team members include Dr Badiani and a combination of highly skilled dentists, dental nurses, dental therapists, doctors and non-dental practitioners to help with sterilisation.

Fundraising is necessary to help provide the necessary dental equipment to undertake the voluntary work including sterilizing eguipment, swabs, anaesthetic, medications etc, to support local mobile clinics and other related activity e.g. Safari Collection Eye Clinics, and occasionally support to individuals with life threatening medical conditions.